Getting organised

Hi Everyone, I have just upgraded the site and was wanting to test the drag and drop feature. Fantastic so easy to add new pictures to the blog so no excuses now, I will have to get busy and get some new work done.


The studio is coming along I can nearly walk around the tables without having to climb over stuff.  When I get some after pictures I will put them up with the before. But not until then as you will not believe what you see. So until then toodlepip


My two little dogs, Merlyn on the left he is blind and Gwynivere on the right.

My two little dogs, Merlyn on the left he is blind and Gwynivere on the right.

Just touching base

Hi all,

Life has been flying lately, I thought I would get back on track after my daughter’s wedding in January but I have been busy as ever.


I have just started making time for art again, so hopefully you will see some work coming through here soon.

Here is a pencil drawing that I did the other week just felt like doing a portrait. Now everyone I look at I am checking out facial features I see faces in a whole new light.

portrait 001

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Creative Journal

Here is an older post from my previous Blog. I wanted to add it as I loved the end result, this is a lovely arty journal.

After a year of house renovations that had taken up all my spare time I was able to do this project.  However  my art room has expanded in supplies over this time, so I have to get to work and create.

I have just finished a class called ‘Distrezz-it-all’ with Donna Salazar at it was great, I have had the Distress-it-all machine for about a year or more and have not really used it so I thought this would get me started.  Yes it did I cant wait to do more with this machine I just love it.  In this class we used the bind-it-all as well, which I purchased around the same time with the same lack of use.

So here are some pictures of the cover of my journal, just yummy love the feel of it.




Canvas for my Sister Deb


Here is the latest canvas I have made, it was made for my sister.  It has a picture of her and my niece Jelena, who I call Poppy.



Here are some close-ups of the canvas. I used stencils with modelling paste & trim from a table runner to add texture to this project.  Gesso was used on my embellishments first so I could age them with various paints and sprays.



Deb canvas

Deb canvasDeb canvasDeb canvas

Still working on site

Well a few days have gone by still working on the site, enjoying it immensely.  I have changed the themes many times it’s not to difficult and I have leant a lot. I must admit its a lot to take in so I have heaps of pieces of paper with scribble on.  Read more

My First Post

Oh My Gosh,

First day with my new blog.  So new to this please have patients with me.  If you get bored here is a link to my old blog. It may take my some time to get this all going, but hey this is exciting and am enjoying the challenge. Read more