Have a look at the new Annie Hamman Class

Have a look at Annie’s new class.  Love her classes really enjoy them, heaps of information and wonderful detailed videos.


Wonderful New Art Class

Want inspiration, more creative techniques & develope your own style then this is the class for you my friend.  Plus who could resist going back to Fairy Tales.


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Outside the Studio

Whats happening Outside the Studio

Here is an update on whats happening outside the Studio, Chickens, yes chickens and i love them.  So cute and smart, i am already able to hand feed Esmeralda (the white one)


Jane Davenport

Jane Davenport - online art Workshops

Love & Glitter

Effy Wild: Love & Glitter

I’m A Girlie Grunge

Creative Inspiration

Here are some of the wonderful creative people the inspire me:

Liz Constable from www.bookartstudios.co.nz Liz opened up the world of book making for me. Thank you Liz

Claire Hey from https://www.facebook.com/pages/Claire-Delaney-Artist/111170112336664 Thank you Claire for your never ending encouragement and gentle aproach

Tim Holtz he is fantastic. www.timholtz.com

Donna Salazar from http://donnasalazardesigns.blogspot.co.nz/ I love her techniques and the distrezz it all machine.

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